Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Munsters: Fireplace and Floor

It has been a long, long time since I worked on any of my monster models. So long that all my paints had dried up and I had to make a trip to the model shop this weekend for supplies. I forgot how much I like the model shop. It's so quiet and filled with the very best things!

I bought my first monster model kit nine years ago. In that time I've only worked on two models which are still mostly in pieces. I think it's about time I finished one.

This weekend I pulled out the very first kit I ever bought: The Munsters. If I had to choose an all-time dessert island favorite monster model, this would be it. I love the diorama scene and all the details.

I'm in the process of cleaning and photographing all my grandpa's models and when I get to this one, I'll do a proper introduction. For now, I'll just show the parts of my model that I painted this weekend.

We have an ornately carved fireplace:


A warm, cheery fire:


And a mostly finished living room:


It feels so good to paint again! I forgot to buy brown paint at the model store so I had to mix my own. I forgot how fun it is to mix up just the right color. To add layers of paint to the model to get just the right look. I know this model will take quite some time to finish but I think this is a great start! Looking forward to assembling some of the characters and furniture next time.